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Mini Addy

October 13, 2014

American Girl recently revamped their historical character line, including the mini dolls.  The new mini dolls are cute, and I’ll probably get a couple, but I think the older ones are better quality for what you’re paying.  The old ones are still on Amazon, though I’m sure the prices will start sky rocketing soon, so I want to get a couple of them before that happens.  Today I have mini Addy to show you.  She’s similar to Saige, but different skin color and much wavier hair.

MiniAddy (1)

MiniAddy (4)

MiniAddy (6)

MiniAddy (7)

MiniAddy (16)

MiniAddy (8)

MiniAddy (11)

MiniAddy (13)

MiniAddy (17)

Big step’n bloomers

I decided getting her shoes back on was going to be too hard, so I just left them

I decided getting her shoes back on was going to be too hard, so I just left them

MiniAddy (21)

MiniAddy (18)

MiniAddy (15)

This mini book is hard cover with a dust jacket, the new books are paper back

MiniAddy (14)


Marvel’s Wasp

September 29, 2014

I’m basically a sucker for any female superhero, but this figure of Wasp is really nice.  Her head is very well done, the short hair is practical in the real world and in miniature (so she actually has head movement), but still feminine, and her face is very pretty.  She even has a bit of a smile!  I’m also glad she isn’t high heeled.

Wasp (3)

Wasp (6)

Wasp (7)

Wasp (10)

Wasp (11)

Wasp (21)

The wings are inserted in to holes in her back

The wings are inserted in to holes in her back

I should have gotten a stand out to put her in flying poses... oh weel

I should have gotten a stand out to put her in flying poses… oh well

And finally, tiny wasp!

And finally, tiny wasp!


Darth Vader

September 21, 2014

I got the 3.75″ Star Wars Black version of Darth Vader a while ago.  I’m mostly just going to let the pictures do the talking here, but I will say I like how detailed he is and all the extra hands and special effects he comes with.

DarthVader (1)

DarthVader (5)

DarthVader (4)

DarthVader (7)

His joints are pretty stiff though

His joints are pretty stiff though

DarthVader (10)

Replacement hands!

DarthVader (13)

DarthVader (14)

I think his gun holding hand position looks pretty silly, supposing I've put it on right

I think his gun holding hand position looks pretty silly, supposing I’ve put it on right

Here you can see the gun in hand from above

Here you can see the gun in hand from above.  I think it looks strange because the hand is also positioned to hold his saber?


New Shoes!

August 20, 2014

Target’s Our Generation 18″ doll line keeps coming out with some super cute stuff.  I picked up these slip on shoes recently, and may end up getting another pair of their shoes…

Stripes Ahoy (1)

The box is way bigger than it needs to be

Stripes Ahoy (4)

Stripes Ahoy (3)

Stripes Ahoy (6)

And since my Molly doll is modeling the new shoes, here’s an old picture of me when I first got her as a birthday present in 1998!



Simpson Legos

August 15, 2014

Oh how I love blind bags.  I’m not even that big of a Simpsons fan, but the lego figures are super cute.  Unfortunately I’m horrible at figuring out which character is inside just by feeling them at the store…

Simpsons (7)

Simpsons (4)

Simpsons (5)

Oh no, two Homers

Oh no, two Homers.  Just my luck

My sister is a huge Simpsons fan though, so she happily took one Homer off my hands

My sister is a huge Simpsons fan though, so she happily took one Homer off my hands

I’ve gotten a few more since taking these pictures and now also have Milhouse, Krusty, and Maggie.  I keep getting sucked in because I want Lisa and/or Marge!


The Outer Space (Wo)men

April 19, 2014

These girls are so cute, I literally squealed a little when I opened the shipping box! That’s probably not the reaction Four Horse Men were going for but I think they’re so cool. These two figures are part of the 6th and 7th series of a line called The Outer Space Men, apparently based on a 1968 toy line that I had never heard of before. The women, introduced to the line only recently, are brand new characters as they were not among the original toys. Originally I only wanted to buy Terra Firma, because astronaut with awesome hair duh, but the Four Horse Men store has a $20 minimum order. These figures are small and cheap, only $13, so I threw in Horroscope not expecting to like her much (there is a third female, Ohpromaten). Glad I did get a her, because I think she might be my favorite!

TerraFirma (22)

Name: Horroscope (The Woman from Saturn, series 6) and Terra Firma (The Woman from Earth, series 7)

Company: Four Horse Men

Horroscope (2)

Horroscope (3)

Horroscope (4)

Back Story: Horroscope

Of all the Seers on the Plant Saturn, XODIAC’S daughter, HORROSCOPE is the most all-seeing. A “Third Eye” in the middle of her forehead enables her to scope out intergalactic events, not only “in the here and now,” but also in the distant future. Nothing escapes her penetrating gaze. Her powerful intuition enables her to predict the course of Destiny, month by month, and day by day. Her nose for news, and other people’s business, can sniff out scandalous behavior, not only on her native planet Saturn, but also on far distant Worlds, light years away. Tuning her Crystal Scepter to the vibration that resonate from the biggest satellite dish in the Universe, Saturn’s Majestic Rings, HORROSCOPE can “ring up” her interstellar friends, to hear the gossip of the Stars, from Jupiter to Mars, and “dish the dirt” across the Gulf of Outer Space.

Horroscope (6)

It’s a little disappointing the only story line for Horro is as a gossiper when she’s supposedly “the most all-seeing.” I feel like they could have given her a more important place in society, but undercurrent sexism is difficult to get rid of.

TerraFirma (1)

Moving on to Terra Firma, who I believe has the exact same story line as her male counterpart Jack Asteroid (great names by the way)

As the 21st Century began, America was in decline, struggling beneath the crushing weight of Bureaucracy, its air polluted by vast quantities of Methane Gas, emanating from Washington DC. When, suddenly, the Founding Fathers changed everything by discovering the Element “Puranium.” Invisible to the naked eye, which makes it difficult to see, Puranium proved to be a source of boundless Clean Energy by generating “Levity,” the polar opposite of Gravity

TerraFirma (3)

TerraFirma (2)

TerraFirma (4)

See, now that is a good story line, even though it doesn’t say much at all about Terra or Jack.

Packaging: The packaging is really nice on these figures, no tape used at all. You can just slip the heavy cardboard back off and pull out the plastic tray without breaking anything. There is only one twist tie holding the figures in, but it’s not needed because the tray is molded to keep everything in place. And everything can be put right back for display if you want. I also like the old school styling.

TerraFirma (5)

Height: 4″

Here they are compared to a few other figures of various sizes so you can see how small they are (I was surprised).

TerraFirma (23)

TerraFirma (24)

Number of Joints: 12-13 (Horro has an extra cut joint above her tentacles), all the joints are cut/swivel only. The hip joints are the only part of the body that bends. This is a little disappointing because their legs are so overly straight, they have a hard time balancing on those tiny feet. If their knees weren’t locked they might not tip over so bad (holding something in their hands seems to help the balance). But it is fun that the arms and legs pop off and apart so you can switch out a bent arm for a straight arm. The two women can share parts too (the whole toy line is supposed to be interchangeable) and they share the same base body so it wouldn’t even look strange if they mixed outfits. I don’t think anything else pops off but I didn’t want to break anything either, some of the joints are very stiff.

Dismembered (the feet pop off too)

Dismembered (the feet pop off too)

Horroscope (9)

TerraFirma (8)

But I think we have to talk about the elephant in the room. These ladies have very large busts. From the front, it doesn’t actually look that unnatural, they just look like healthy, curvy women. But from the side you see how unnatural those things are. Must be a side effect of that “levity” stuff.

Horroscope (11)


TerraFirma (12)

It’s more obvious on Terra because she doesn’t have a neck full of tentacles

That's quite the back curve

That’s quite the back curve

Hair and Face: I think the heads on these two is really where the figures shine. Terra’s sculpt is obviously 60s inspired and I love her short bob, very practical for an astronaut. The paint detail on her tiny face is pretty amazing. Horro’s head is just as awesome but much harder to describe. She’s kindof squid like but not quite, her tentacles are a separate piece from the head and are painted purlescent blue. Her head is cast in a clear orange plastic with most of it painted the same blue except for 3 eyes and the majority of the back. Light can enter the back of Horro’s head and make her eyes look like they’re glowing, very cool effect. Horro is not pretty, and I think that’s why I like her so much, she puts off a very strong vibe, like she could take down anyone with her mind powers.

TerraFirma (21)

Horroscope (10)

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

Clothing: Since Terra and Horro share the same base body, they are basically wearing the same outfit in different colors except for their weird belly decorations (I think I read a review where someone called them belt buckles, but there is no belt so that’s seems weird, they’re like bellybutton decorations). Terra has an Earth on her belly and Horro has a Saturn. They both wear gloves, high heeled boots, and helmets. Although there’s something strange about Terra’s black gloves…

What's worse, two left feet or two right hands?

What’s worse, two left feet or two right hands?

The helmets are nice accessories. Terra’s helmet locks into the grove of the collar of her suit and has a visor that can come down over her face. Horro’s helmet is a little more confusing, it just sits on top of her head loose (so it falls off if she is moved at all) and the way it fits best (pictured) is not the way it’s shown on the package. I feel like I’m right though.



Horroscope (17)

Terra also has a jet pack like thing on her back, presumably has something to do with the levity discussed her bio, it looks neat. Since Horro and Terra share the same body, Horro has a hole in her back just like Terra, but nothing to snap into it unless she borrows Terras jet pack (it snaps off without breaking!).

TerraFirma (11)

Horroscope (13)

Accessories: In addition to helmets and extra limbs, both women come with a gun and a staff. Terra’s staff is an American flag and Horro’s has a Saturn sculpted on it’s top. Neither seems to be able to fit the gun handles in their fists very well, and Horro’s staff only goes half way through her hand before getting stuck.

Horroscope (16)

TerraFirma (15)

Overall: Love these girls, I might think about getting Ohpromaten too except then I’d have to buy something else to make the order $20 (and she had weird shining boobs…). The paint and sculpting is absolutely perfect and I would have no complaints about QC whatsoever if it wasn’t for Terra’s two right hands (I’ve emailed asking if I can get a left hand replacement, we’ll see what happens because I’m not sure I emailed the right address – their site confuses me). The only things I don’t like about the design are the floating boobs and the weird belly decorations, I think they could have done with one or the other, not both. The character back stories could probably use a little help too. In the end though, these are great figures and totally worth their price.


AG Flower Sweater and Skirt

April 9, 2014

I shouldn’t have bought this because it’s probably overpriced, but I couldn’t resist, and I don’t regret it either.

Sam models the AG Flower Outfit

Sam models the AG Flower Outfit

Besides, there’s no way I would be able to recreate this sweater or the crazy cute shoes on my own.

FlowerSet (3)

FlowerSet (5)

It definitely helps that there is not an ounce of shoddy craftsmanship in this whole outfit.

It definitely helps that there is not an ounce of shoddy craftsmanship in this whole outfit.


The shoes are really what drew me in. I absolutely love them

The shoes are really what drew me in. I absolutely love them